Strategic Partnership between Aurex Constructors, RMB Ventures & Bopa Moruo

Building a stronger future, Aurex Constructors, RMB Ventures and Bopa Moruo join forces in a strategic partnership.

Johannesburg, South Africa, June 2023 – Aurex Constructors (Aurex) is pleased to announce that after several months of engagement, the merger with RMB Ventures and Bopa Moruo was successfully concluded on 7th June 2023.

Through its strategic equity partnership with RMB Ventures and Bopa Moruo, Aurex has strengthened its company B-BBEE position, with 51% black ownership. The partnership allows Aurex to leverage the extensive networks and expertise of RMB Ventures and Bopa Moruo, increasing its market reach in South Africa, and into international markets.

Furthermore, the partnership grants Aurex access to additional financial resources and growth opportunities, empowering the company to broaden its capabilities and achieve new levels of success.

Says Stuart Kent, CEO of Aurex: “As strategic shareholders, the RMB Ventures and Bopa Moruo consortium will provide greater depth to the equity structure of our Aurex group of companies. This will lead to a more diverse contribution at Board level, providing additional strategic input to our company and bolstering our reputation and credibility. The strategic equity partnership among the 3 companies will bring significant advantages to all, enabling us to leverage our respective strengths and achieve greater success in the sustainable energy industry.”

“RMB Ventures and Bopa Moruo are proud and excited to partner with the Aurex group of companies as one of the leading groups in the energy industry,” adds Sherwin Jagarnath, senior transactor at RMB Ventures. “The new partnership will result in the unlocking of new opportunities for Aurex and enable the company to reach its full potential.” Concludes Nthime Khoele, co-Managing Partner at Bopa Moruo: “The investment in Aurex not only offers attractive investment features, but also an ability to partner with an experienced management team.”

To read the full trade release, download the article below.


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