Renewable energy

Clean, sustainable, and abundant

As the global power mix continues to evolve, there is a growing need for renewable energy sources in South Africa, and across the globe. Solar power, with its ability to generate more energy, is poised to revolutionise the industry.

Exploring Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is created from naturally replenishing sources that are not depleted from their use.  These sources of energy can be replenished over time and include solar, wind, hydropower, geothermal, and biomass.

Due to the abundant sunlight, South Africa ranks among the top five countries in terms of solar photovoltaic (PV) energy, making it a popular choice for renewable energy across the continent. As a result, numerous utility-scale solar PV projects have been developed over the last decade to generate electricity.

Aurex’s extensive expertise and experience in constructing large scale solar PV plants that feed into the national power grid, or directly into customer installations, is highly valuable in this field.

Aurex: Your Premier Partner for Renewable Energy Projects

Over the last decade we have installed more than 560 MW of clean PV power, and we take pride in being a leader in the renewable energy sector. Our commitment to excellence, performance, and delivering new installations, refurbishments, and maintenance for utility-scale PV solar plants remains unwavering.

Leveraging years of experience and deep seeded industry knowledge, Aurex is a trusted partner that provides comprehensive turnkey PV solar solutions and project-based services. Providing expertise, customised solutions, quality assurance, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability. We are known for our professionalism, agility, flexibility, and ability to deliver projects within the designated timeframes and budgets.

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What Aurex Can Do for You

Aurex provides a range of contracting strategies tailored to meet customers unique needs. These strategies encompass a variety of service combinations, allowing customers to choose the most suitable approach for their requirements. Whether seeking the expertise of Aurex as a construction contractor, a sub-engineering, or Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor, Aurex offers flexible solutions to meet your specific project goals.

Basic engineering

Detailed engineering

Procurement of major equipment and balance of plant materials

Construction, including civil works, tracker pile foundations, mechanical installation, and electrical installation

Managing multi-disciplinary interfacing


Commissioning support to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)

Operation and maintenance

Facility inspections

Why renewable energy is the way forward

Solar plants yield numerous advantages for the environment, local communities, the country, and the global community. Producing electricity using clean, renewable energy sources diminishes reliance on fossil fuels. This leads to a decrease in hazardous emissions, lowering the country’s carbon footprint, and assisting global efforts to combat climate change. This can aid in achieving the net zero emissions objective.

In South Africa, the adoption of solar energy assists in mitigating electricity supply challenges, reducing the frequency of load shedding being experienced due to an aging infrastructure and dependence on coal-fired power plants which are planned to reach end-of-life in the foreseeable future.

The construction and operation of solar plants generate employment opportunities, promoting the growth of local economies, supporting the development of small businesses, and facilitating skills enhancement and community development.

Our successful renewable energy portfolio

Aurex has been involved in the South African renewable energy space since the start of the Renewable Independent Power Producer Program (REIPPP) in 2012. Among the numerous renewable projects we’ve undertaken, a few of our flagship projects include:

Scatec Kalkbult – 75 MWp
ABB Soutpan – 21 MWp
ABB Witkop – 33 MWp
Solar Capital De Aar 3 – 90 MWp
Scatec Sirus – 86 MWp
Scatec Dyasons Klip 1 – 86 MWp
Scatec Dyason’s Klip 2 – 86 MWp
Sola Adams – 11 MWp
Sola Heineken Brewery – 8 MWp
Scatec Kenhardt – 540 MWp

What Our Customers are saying about us

Pieter van Rooyen

Construction Manager at Hatch

What a pleasure to work with guys like these! Thank you for your commitment and effort that you always show!. It has been 2 years without a LTI, that alone tells a great tale! Congratulations

Richard McDougall

Capital Projects Team Manager at Astron Energy (Pty) Ltd

I would like to give the project team credit for the work done on the SOXEC related project. The team really stood up and demonstrated a great approach and attitude, which definitely drove the positive outcome.

Shivaan Sunderlall

Sasol Area Manager, SCC Hot side

I would just like to express my gratitude for the support I received in the current SCC shutdown. From the word go, we experienced high quality service. This included proper Covid compliance, up to date feedback, team on the floor that drove activities, stakeholder management, effective handovers and in a nut shell an incorporation of the Aurex team with my team. Our production foreman, technicians and process engineers were glad to work with a professional outfit like Aurex. I received positive feedback from my entire team.

Pieter Ebertsöhn

Quality Manager at Intertek Industry Services South Africa

I would like to commend the project team on the cleanliness of their workshop and general housekeeping activities. In comparison with other facilities, yours is fantastic. It has also been a while since I’ve visited a facility where the team works together so well and is able to effortlessly execute an inspection.

Noel Muller

Senior Production Manager at Sasol Synfuels Operations

Shutdown operations are complex and require a dedicated team, which the project team delivers on. The team is focused on ensuring that all shutdown operations were managed efficiently, effectively, and safely even in harsh conditions. The team is dedicated, passionate and delivers on quality and excellence. We appreciate all the hard work and how they understood our requirements and restraints and how they worked around them to ensure the successful and professional execution of work.

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