Digital solutions that enhance project
efficiency and execution

Digital management solutions that ensure project performance

At Aurex Constructors, we are continually looking for new and innovative ways to enhance our performance and service offerings and improve our customers’ experience. Our digital management solutions have been designed with our customers’ need for fast, accurate and cost-effective project planning and maintenance services, in mind.

Digital mobilisation tool

Database of skilled artisans

Aurex Constructors has an 8400 candidate strong database of trained, experienced and certified artisans, across South Africa, that are able to attend to your unique project needs.

Fast and efficient service delivery

The use of our innovative digital mobilisation tool enables us to manage our registered artisans and pair them up with jobs that suit their unique skill set. This allows us to ensure that your project needs are handled quickly and efficiently.

Scope management tool

Kenhardt solar leadership visit photo

Efficient and cost-effective project planning and execution

Our digital scope management tool enhances project planning and cost-effective project execution by providing standardised man-hours and an efficient platform for data entry and compilation.

Project consolidation

This useful tool allows us to provide you with a consolidated bill of quantities across the project timeline. This drives and expedites the procurement process.

testing with digital device

Accurate feedback and time management

Time is money, which is why we utilise our scope management tool for remote scheduling and updating during the execution phase of the project. Through this platform, we are able to provide accurate feedback and adapt timelines and operations where needed, the result of which is enhanced time management and cost savings.

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