Service to our customers that sets us apart

At Aurex Constructors, we strive to deliver excellence and results to our customers with our end-to-end construction, turnarounds and maintenance solutions. Our knowledgeable team provides a service to all our customers that goes above and beyond, ensuring that all projects and solutions are sustainable and successful and conducted safely to gold quality standards.

Our valuable customers

What sets us apart

Industry experience and knowledge

With over 40 years in the industry, we know the energy sector and pride ourselves on delivering innovative solutions that answer to the needs and challenges of our customers.

Unparalleled service by a dedicated team

With a team of dedicated and passionate professionals, you are guaranteed an excellent service experience. Our team is known to go above and beyond for our customers.

The provision of end-to-end solutions

We work with you to design and develop innovative end-to-end solutions to ensure that your project is a success, we are there every step of the way from project inception to project completion.

Highest quality and safety standards

Our experienced and knowledgeable team ensure only the highest quality and safety standards for all projects. We make sure that even under the most challenging conditions, everything we do is conducted with safety in mind.

What our customers say

Pieter van Rooyen

Construction Manager at Hatch

What a pleasure to work with guys like these! Thank you for your commitment and effort that you always show!. It has been 2 years without a LTI, that alone tells a great tale! Congratulations

Richard McDougall

Capital Projects Team Manager at Astron Energy (Pty) Ltd

I would like to give the project team credit for the work done on the SOXEC related project. The team really stood up and demonstrated a great approach and attitude, which definitely drove the positive outcome.

Shivaan Sunderlall

Sasol Area Manager, SCC Hot side

I would just like to express my gratitude for the support I received in the current SCC shutdown. From the word go, we experienced high quality service. This included proper Covid compliance, up to date feedback, team on the floor that drove activities, stakeholder management, effective handovers and in a nut shell an incorporation of the Aurex team with my team. Our production foreman, technicians and process engineers were glad to work with a professional outfit like Aurex. I received positive feedback from my entire team.

Pieter Ebertsöhn

Quality Manager at Intertek Industry Services South Africa

I would like to commend the project team on the cleanliness of their workshop and general housekeeping activities. In comparison with other facilities, yours is fantastic. It has also been a while since I’ve visited a facility where the team works together so well and is able to effortlessly execute an inspection.

Noel Muller

Senior Production Manager at Sasol Synfuels Operations

Shutdown operations are complex and require a dedicated team, which the project team delivers on. The team is focused on ensuring that all shutdown operations were managed efficiently, effectively, and safely even in harsh conditions. The team is dedicated, passionate and delivers on quality and excellence. We appreciate all the hard work and how they understood our requirements and restraints and how they worked around them to ensure the successful and professional execution of work.

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