10 South African Business Leaders Making a Difference

We are delighted to showcase our CEO, Stuart Kent, recently featured in the esteemed publication, “The CIO World.” Recognised as one of South Africa’s business leaders making a significant difference, Stuart’s visionary leadership and positive impact on the business landscape are commendable.

Within the pages of “The CIO World,” the spotlight is cast on Stuart’s remarkable journey, commencing with his passion for industrial construction. The article delves into the rich legacy and history of Aurex Constructors, a testament to Stuart’s instrumental role in shaping the company’s trajectory.

Providing invaluable insights into the secrets of being a CEO, Stuart outlines the strategic direction he imparts, emphasising the power of ethical operations as a foundational principle. The article further explores Stuart’s perspective on the meticulous tracking of success and progress, underlining the significance of these practices in the company’s enduring success.

Notably, the publication unveils exciting upcoming initiatives, particularly in the “Just Energy Transitions.” This underscores Aurex Constructors’ commitment to innovation and sustainability, reflecting the company’s forward-thinking approach under Stuart’s guidance.

“The CIO World” acknowledges Stuart Kent’s impactful leadership, and we share in the pride of being recognised for our commitment to excellence. Congratulations to Stuart for this well-deserved recognition. We look forward to continued success under his visionary leadership.

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