Aurex Constructors bolsters asset fleet with the acquisition of a 70-ton Liebherr crane

Aurex Constructors, a leader in Construction, Turnaround and Maintenance services in South Africa’s energy sector, is proud to announce the acquisition of a 70-ton Liebherr all terrain crane to bolster its asset fleet.

The strategic acquisition of this crane marks a significant milestone in the company’s ongoing efforts to provide cost-effective and reliable solutions to its range of customers. The crane is a cutting-edge heavy-duty lifting solution designed to meet the demands of complex and diverse projects.

Aurex Regional Director of South Africa, Delvin Bühler says, “One of the key advantages of this acquisition is the potential of guaranteeing equipment availability when it is needed most. Owning this crane allows Aurex to maintain tighter control over scheduling, ensuring ready access for projects without the dependence on external factors.”

Aurex remains dedicated to innovation, customer satisfaction, and the continued growth of its capabilities. The company looks forward to the positive impact this addition will have on both current, and future projects, with its first project already lined up in January 2024.

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